What is ePLGA

ePLGA is a system that allows people to create their own 3D printed objects with the help of a 3D printer. It is a patent-pending technology that will be available for purchase in 2019. 

How Does ePLGA Work? 

It creates an object from scratch using CAD software and then prints it out using additive manufacturing. There are four steps to creating a 3D object in the ePLGA platform:

– Create your project from scratch in CAD software.

– Upload your files to the ePLGA platform.

– Receive a quote for your project.

– Purchase and print your object. 

EPLGA Invented by:

Ayesha O’Leary, John Mccooke, Jonathan Davies and David Curwen The ePLGA Company will release its patent-pending technology in 2019. The ePLGA Company is a startup that has created a 3D printing platform using an electroactive polyacrylate (ePLGA).

ePLGA Properties 

The properties of ePLGA include:

– It is a biodegradable polymer which can be used as a drug delivery vehicle.

– It is also a polyester that can be used for tissue engineering.

– The properties of ePLGA depend on the type of monomers used to make it and the size and structure of the polymer chains.