Around the globe, thousands of individuals find their amusement for day watching their favorite shows. So, no matter whether you watch latest news, movies, or your favorite music channel it is essential to have right snack to add to relaxation. Healthy food is key to sound life and good entertainment can add fun to your day. Today, millions of young individuals munch on snacks alongside watching their favorite shows. Our lives often have pre-assigned work that demands our attention. There are daily chores to complete, and next big thing in-lined. In between your hectic day don’t forget to take a breath and catch with your guided meditation.

Perhaps, you are seeking a new update on your TV. Presently, there is plethora of smart TV available online and in local stores. Smart TV is now future of entertainment. Altogether it is slowly and steadily making its way into trends. Many movies, NETFLIX series, and shows have demonstrated useful features of smart TV’s.
Smart TV is bringing forward full-potential of in-home entertainment. Using smart TVs is bridging gap between traditional limited options and widescreen cinema. Sit back and relax, here are top five smart TV to invest in.

1. LG B9 OLED:

LG Smart TV

First one first, best smart TV for streaming is LG B9 OLED. LG is known to offer premium design in an affordable budget. LG offers smart TV running on in-house WebOS that gives easy-to-use and intuitive smart features. Using LG smart TV, you can access app store and enjoy latest applications. One of best features of LG smart TV is its fantastic performance. Also, you get a crystal-clear picture quality, upgraded motion handling, and low input lag. Another feature that gives LG B9 OLED its winning edge is its wide viewing angles. This OLED is especially beneficial for sports lovers, late-night movie watchers. LG OLED offers perfect black and is go-to smart TV when it comes to HDR content. In short, LG B9 OLED is well-suited to provide user with smooth experience.

2. Samsung Q80/Q80R OLED:

Samsung Smart TV

Next best on our basic list of smart TVs is LED from world’s most trusted and durable brand named as Samsung. Samsung Q80/Q80R OLED offers much brighter picture quality. The smart TV runs on Samsung’s Tizen OS and it powered up by thousands of applications. One first look, Samsung Q80/Q80R OLED could be your alternative to LG OLED.

3. Sony X950G:

Sony Smart TV

Looking for a smart TV with color accuracy? Seek no further than Sony X950G and accurate out-of-the-box smart TV. Song presents X950G with color calibration and Android TV interface. This smart TV is simple to use and has GOOGLE Play Store which means direct access to tons and tons of applications. One of best features of using Sony X950G is the in-build microphone that is placed in remote itself. So, now using your remote enjoy voice control with Google Assistant. Sony X950G is capable of demonstrating peak performance in both SDR and HRD content. With bright display, excellent coverage of DCI P3 color gamut, and deep blacks. Song provides an upscale resolution such as 720p and 1080p.
Other features:
a. Impressive response time
b. Producing smooth motion
c. Accurate Colors

4. LG SM9500:

LG Smart TV

LG application store offers variety of applications, and you also get Android TV’s Google Play store. This smart TV also works on WebOS and is comparatively easy to use. The LG SM9500 gives you an IPS panel with best native contrast. It is excellent out-to-the-box color accuracy. One of best feature LG SM900 is its impressive brightness, wide color gamut, and four HDMI 2.1 input. Overall, LG SM900 is best alternative with better viewing angles.

5. Samsung Q80T QLED:

Samsung Smart TV

Lastly, one smart TV that is also best QLED for gaming is Q80T. Samsung offers slightly better response time, variable refresh rate technology, tear-free gaming experience, and deep blacks. Samsung Q80T QLED is known for ‘ultra-viewing angle’, on one hand, it improves viewing angles and on other hand, offers outstanding reflection handling. Q80T provides good view of HDR content. This QLED is for gamers.

Final Thoughts
In our extended list, we have two more best budget smart tv’s. In case you are looking best TV for streaming within your budget then go for Hisense H95 or similar category. It offers excellent motion handling. Another on our list is TCL series/R625 2019 offered by Roku TV. This LED works remarkably well in dark rooms and it is very easy to use.